Bad Weather = Good Time To House Hunt

Gray skies can help you find a home worth buying in Northern Kentucky

For real estate in Northern Kentucky, the last two weeks of weather has been … interesting to say the least, with biting cold and so so much rain. But they have also been two very busy weeks in real estate. Homes for sale in Northern Kentucky that are priced correctly with no major defects or flaws do not stay on the market long and weather, unless dangerous, is no reason to stop looking for a home. That being said, my raincoat and boots got a lot of use these past few days while I helped a few clients.

To be honest, seeing homes in this type of weather is best for buyers. Case in point, on a second showing of a home for sale in Covington, my clients and I were greeted to soaking wet walls and water dripping into the electrical panel. Into. The. Electrical. Panel. It was a new panel, no rust had visibly developed in the panel and an electrical inspection determined the cause of the leak and helped us negotiate properly. Had we not seen this, my clients would have bought the home and gotten a shocking surprise!

Not all issues discovered by an excessive amount of rain pose danger though and sometimes it’s not the house but the land the home sits on. A flooded backyard at a house that sits on a hill without proper drainage in Florence, water gathered under the deck of a home with what looked like a flat back yard in Covington.

It is important to note though, that these issues were all able to be remedied and not every home has concerns that need rain to find. In fact, finding a home in sunny and 75 degree weather is just as good as raining and 42. What should be taken into consideration is that finding a home can happen at anytime during the year. Take it from me, the girl who closed on her house on December 23rd.

If you’re looking to buy a home in Northern Kentucky and you need someone to brave the rain and weather (sunny and 75 is also good) with you, shoot me an email at or give me a call at 859-667-2463.

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