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No Wheels? Getting Around Northern Kentucky Without A Car

One glance of’s grading of Northern Kentucky and most of Cincinnati’s walkability and ease of access for those without a car and you might think that this is an area that you must have a mode of transportation. Even my home, close to the river ranks 46, “car dependent” and one of the reasons we bought this house was because of ease of access to so much without a car.
So, just how many options does one have in this the Northern Kentucky area? A lot. Here’s a list (click on each title for more information).

Northern Kentucky’s bus system spans across 30 routes taking riders from downtown Cincinnati and the riverfront to NKU, Florence Mall, Taylor Mill, and CVG airport. Express routes and free rides for NKU and Gateway students and faculty make travel by TANK bus a cost effective way for commuters to avoid those rush-hour stand stills.

A part of TANK, The Southbank Shuttle is the cheapest way to get from any of the riverfront hotels in Covington to any of the Reds or Bengals games. It also has service to Newport for a pre-game dinner option or a day-after trip to the Newport Aquarium. At $1 per ride per person, it beats the $10+ you may pay to park over by the stadium.

You can’t go to any event on the riverfront without seeing at least 5-10 Uber cars. Especially during events like Octoberfest and Taste of Cincinnati, Uber is the way to go if you need to go now and plan to get home late. They will cross the river both ways and their map extends pretty far north and south on I-75. As one Uber fan I know has mentioned, he can get to the Banks from Alexandria (KY) for around $25.

While this author has not taken a Lyft to the southernmost border in Northern Kentucky, it does look like Lyft is not as widely available as Uber is in Northern Kentucky. In fact, on their website, not even Walton is highlighted, but if you are in the I-275 loop and need a ride, Lyft is also an option for travel.

Posting this one just for the novelty. Once you’ve crossed the bridge via the Southbank Shuttle, you can hop on Cincinnati’s newest addition for transportation around the downtown area. Taking you as far north as Rhinegeist Brewery and back down to the Banks, the streetcar is a fun and cheap opportunity for local commuters looking to explore Downtown Cincinnati. At $2 for an all day fare and $1 for 2 hours, it’s worth it just to ride for the experience.


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