Monday Makeover: The Entry Way

The entry way. While some home owners in Northern Kentucky have a mud room, an entire room they can dedicate to coats, bags, shoes, and keys, many have just an entry way, a space near a door for everything, even for guests.

In this post we’ll take a look at some of the most inspiring entrances to some homes on the internet and how you can adopt a similar style.

While many homes in Northern Kentucky were not built in a time of mud rooms, this blog shows you how to make your entry way usable without taking up much space. I also appreciate that not all decor is farmhouse style.

Homes in areas like Covington, Fort Wright, and Fort Mitchell have space for these benches and little else, often times the front door leading directly into the living room, but keeping decor on one wall offers organization and a welcoming entry.

Come on in.

A grand entrance, for homes with two story-plus entrances more furniture is welcome. Many homes in Florence, Hebron, and Burlington have this style entry, with a grand stair case opposite the front door. These homes are of a newer style, built in the 1980’s-today.

The only thing I would add, and it looks like, according to the post, they are planning on getting something is a heavy duty rug. I would not get something that you plan to keep forever and ever or you don’t want to get dirty. Something durable, even an outdoor rug will work great in this space.

I also love the chair. I’m a “no shoes inside” girl and the biggest complaint I got in my first home was that there was no place to sit and take your shoes off so it was hard to do. This chair gives guests or inhabitants no excuse to track in the outside.

The Supreme Decorator

Are you a master of home decor? Do you dream of having a home straight off of HGTV Check out the Hobby Lobby Blog for some spectacular entry way decor. These designs are more Instagram and less kid friendly but they inspire nonetheless.

So what does your entryway look like? Looking to upgrade your entryway? Give me a call at 859-667-2463 or shoot me an email

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