Split-Level Remodel Inspiration For 2019 [Pinterest]

Purchasing a bi-level or split-level home in Northern Kentucky can be a steal in this crazy market. The decision is still split (see what I did there?) on whether these homes hold their value. Which I will respond with an resounding YES. What doesn’t retain value or gain value is old carpet, linoleum, outdated cabinets, old appliances, and the same exterior as it had in 1992. With recent home renovation companies designing eye catching interior and exterior remodels, these homes are being transformed into beautiful masterpieces that look more 2019 and less 1950’s/60’s suburb. And what better place to find renovation inspiration than Pinterest? Here are five masterpieces that have been pinned into split-level heaven.

The Inspiring Investment brings so many good ideas and
inspiration to the table for a split level.

An updated front entry and landscaping paired with a fresh garage door creates welcoming curb appeal.

Paint and landscaping make a total difference once again. While this home still looks like a split level, the stone facade and double doors in the lower level add new details to the 1950’s design.

A digital rendering it might be, but the larger windows and grand entryway give this home the feel of a custom built home, not something that has been replicated in many other suburbs across the U.S.

Saving the most impressive for last, this remodel uses wood features and giant silver house numbers to create a unique design.


WOWZA! So I couldn’t replace any of the previous updates with this one, so you’re getting buy 5 get 1 free. This is a total transformation adding what looks like to be a larger living room. This probably cost the owners a pretty penny but this upgrade has given them a lot of equity in their home.

Do you have a split level or bi-level home that you’re renovated lately? I’d love to see it. Post in the comments and let’s get inspired. And if you need someone to sell your home, call me at 859-667-2463!

Erica Wisher, Successfully Managing Real Estate Transactions

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